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Car Brake Repair Service in Abu Dhabi

We offer the best Car Brake repair in Abu Dhabi. Compromised brakes are the leading cause of traffic havoc and unfortunate mishaps. From inspection to overhauling, we leave no stone unturned for providing the most reliable brake repairs and replacement.

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Extensive Car Brake Repair Services

Our skilled mechanics are committed to precisely assessing and professionally resolving brake issues. We offer extensive brake repair services and thorough vehicle inspection. Our brake system services include:

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Indicators Your Car’s Brake Needs Urgent Repair

When there is an issue in the car’s braking system, you will observe some of the following early signs. One must be attentive to all such signals, as ignoring these signs may have terrible consequences.

Remember, when you are driving with a compromised braking system, you are not only risking your own life but also making others vulnerable to unimaginable harm. 

A professional with years of experience can only tell you whether your car needs brake pad replacement or repairs. So, if you feel some or all of the issues mentioned above, immediately consult Exotic Auto Services.

Don't let your bad brakes stop you from safe and swift rides!

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Versatile Brake Systems and Faults

Brakes are a crucial part of all types of vehicles. Due to the level of necessity, cars usually have alternative braking and emergency speed-reducing systems. In case one system fails due to any reason, you can safely stop the accelerating vehicle using the alternative method.

However, all of the systems may wear out due to excessive use, poor handling or low maintenance , eventually requiring repair work.

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities at Exotic Auto Service.


Neglecting brake issues poses a significant safety risk to you and others on the road. Timely address brake malfunctions to avoid dangerous situations. At Exotic Auto Service, we prioritize your safety, offering expert brake repair and prevention services along with Classic Car Repairs to keep your Car in top condition.

Ultimate Choice for Car’s Brake Repair in Abu Dhabi

When you are using repair and inspection services for the most critical part of your car, you must choose the best. With a range of services such as Car Tyre Replacement and repairs, we always strive for perfection and comprehensive service in Our Garage.

Here are some outstanding features that make us the Trustworthy Service providers in Town. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended to check your brakes once a year. But if you notice any issues with how the brakes are working, you should get them looked at immediately. Places like Exotic Auto Services, with skilled technicians, are great for all kinds of car services.



Brake fluid can stay good for 2 years if it’s kept sealed in a bottle and not used. But once you add it to your car, how long it lasts depends on how often you use your brakes. However, it’s recommended to change your brake fluid every two years because it can absorb moisture over time, which lowers its effectiveness

Brake rotors are also referred to as brake drums. They are the circular discs located with each tire. Rotors create the necessary friction for slowing down a vehicle.

The cost to fix brakes depends on the type of damage. Prices can differ based on which part needs work. Exotic Auto Services offers affordable solutions that are specifically designed for your car’s brake requirements.



No, appointments are not always necessary, but checking with the service center can save you time.

Yes, Exotic Auto Services offers services for a wide range of cars, including luxury, exotic, and standard models.

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