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Car History Check By Chassis Number

The Car’s Chassis number is unique to all cars and stands as a fingerprint of each automotive entity. You can perform a reliable car history check by chassis number. The alphanumeric code contains information related to the model, manufacturing time, place, and VIN. 
You’re afraid that the vehicle you are going to purchase is not legally clean, yet you don’t have a way to trace the situation. You’ve heard the advice a million times to make a wise investment and perform a chassis check. But you don’t know how to verify the stated information.
Car History Check by Chassis Number
Want to know what a chassis number is and how it helps in checking car history?
Let’s get to the details.

Evidential Car History Check By Chassis Number

The chassis number shows the history of the Car’s records and accident history. But before I share with you how the process helps you, let me explain important facts about the chassis number. Furthermore, the reliable and untempered chassis number is directly related to the Car’s worth.

What is the Chassis Number?

The chassis number is a DNA mark of the Car’s identity. A chassis number, also known as a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to every motor vehicle during its manufacturing. VIN is 17 17-character code, whereas the Chassis number consists of the last 6 digits of the VIN.

The vehicle’s fingerprint and chassis number provide important information about its make, model, country of origin, and manufacturing details. The chassis number assists in tracking recalls, registrations, warranty claims, and thefts. It plays a vital role in verifying and documenting individual vehicles.

The verification and registered chassis numbers facilitate the effective transformation of ownership between manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and vehicle owners. Moreover, at the time of accident inquiries, it also helps in making forensic reports.

Locations of Chassis Number

The chassis number is present on both registry documents and on the vehicle at different places. 
The chassis number on the registry documents and the same numbers engraved on the body parts of the cars help in legal documentation and verifications. 

How to Check the Chassis Number for Verification in Abu Dhabi

A reliable Auto mechanic can help you find the engraved chassis number on the Car’s body. However, multiple authorities can share the records of the previous activities using the chassis number as a tracking code.

You can get the chassis number by checking it at the following places. 
At Exotic Auto Services, agents help you find the Chassis number and extract the essential cars’ history.

Authorities Using Chassis Number Database

So, before I jump on when you need to access the Car’s history using the chassis number. I will share authorities that may help you fetch the data using their database centers.
Ministry of Interior: The MOI website also has a “Traffic Services Section”  that helps you detect the history using a Chassis number.
Roads and Transport Authority: The RTA Dubai Website portal can help you find the detailed car history. You can find traffic fines and mileage on the website
Emirates Vehicles Gate: EVG exclusively gives a detailed history of the Car’s Accident. Visit “Traffic Accident Management” on the official website. 
Tasjeel Service Center: The Car’s registration office also helps you find the Car’s details using the Kiosks to get instant information. However, you have to pay around 475 AED to get the service.

Importance of Chassis Number Track Records?

The chassis number is the DNA identity of your Car, carrying important information related to the Car’s history. So, if you are planning to buy or sell a car in Abu Dhabi, you need to have a Car History Check By Chassis Number.
As a seller, chassis number history can help you negotiate the prices with clean and verified history records. On the other hand, as a buyer, Chassis number record checks ease the verification and documentation process.
Here is how a Chassis Number history check helps you ease the buying, selling, and license registration in Abu Dhabi.

Prevent Fraudelent Activities

The Chassis number check helps identify fraudulent activities. The chassis number discloses the owner’s records, making it easier to verify the seller. So, you can find out whether the Car someone is selling actually belongs to him or it’s a theft or illegal ownership.

Verify Mileage and Brand

Some auto-mechanics reassemble the different car parts and resell them under a genuine brand’s name. However, the chassis number engraved on the branded Car’s body and documents helps you verify the manufacturer’s details. Moreover, it also helps verify the stated mileage to estimate the condition of the Car.

Wrapping Up

The car history check by chassis number is not only an authentic way to verify the information but also a legal way to get the registration and licensing process in Abu Dhabi. 

So, if you are still unable to make decisions about the vehicle to be purchased, get the Car and documents to the Exotic Auto Services. It will help you identify the condition of the Car with their Car inspection services and also help you verify the Chassis Number history. Eventually, the documented and authentic records will help you bargain and negotiate the worth of the Car. 

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