Car Radiator Repair in Abu Dhabi

Due to high temperatures, you need to have frequent Car Radiator Repair in Abu Dhabi. At Exotic Auto Service, we specialize in keeping your engine’s temperature just right, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

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Indicators Your Car Need Radiator Repair

A decently functioning radiator is important for your car’s engine to maintain optimal performance and prevent overheating. In case your car exhibits any of the following signs, it’s a clear indication that the radiator needs repair or maintenance.

Signs of Defective Radiators


The most prominent sign is the car’s engine temperature gauge on the dashboard spiking into the red zone. If your car consistently runs hot or frequently overheats, it’s a strong indicator of radiator issues.

Leaking and Low Coolant Levels

Puddles or stains beneath your parked car are a sure sign of coolant leakage. Leaking coolant reduces the level of coolant fluid. Ultimately, the reduction in coolant levels leads to engine overheating.

Poor Heating or Cooling

If your car’s heater isn’t working effectively, it might be linked to radiator problems. Similarly, issues with the air conditioning could signal cooling system troubles.

Radiator Rust or Corrosion

Radiators are made of metal that is prone to rust and corrosion. Visual inspection of the radiator may reveal rust or corrosion, which can obstruct its cooling efficiency.

Unusual Odors or Sounds

Strange odors or unusual noises during engine operation can be indicative of a malfunctioning radiator or associated components. However, it’s not only a sign of radiator issues, but it can also indicate the need of Car’s Engine Repair.

Keep Your Engine Cool and Efficiently Functioning


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Car Radiator Repair in Abu Dhabi - Our Services

Optimally functioning radiators are necessary for regulating and dissipating the engine’s heat by maintaining the coolant at critical temperatures. Our expert technicians skillfully diagnose the root causes and troubleshoot the issues. We ensure the use of premium quality parts and modern equipment to revive the functionality of the car’s radiator.

Our extensive Car Radiator Repair includes ;

Consult a specialist to find out which service you need at the moment


The main components of the car’s cooling system are the thermostat, radiator, and water pump. Any issue in the system may have a chain effect on other mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle. A compromised selection of radiator repair service can drastically affect other parts.

Why Choose Us for Car Radiator Repair?

It is essential to get your car’s radiator repaired under the hands of experts. With a team of experts in the field and occurrence equipped with modern tools, we offer world-class Car Radiator Repair in Abu Dhabi. 

Peculiar Features of  Our Radiator Repair Service are;

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Get Your Car Radiator Inspected at Exotic Auto Service Today

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Radiator Breakdown (Not To Drive Your Vehicle)
  • Constantly covering Up Your Radiator
  • Engine Running Hot
  • Signs of Water Leaks
  • Steam Coming Out From Your Bonnet
  • Temperature Gauge Getting High
  • Temperature light on your dash
  • Cloudy Colored Coolant
It is recommended to use a mixture of distilled or deionized water and the appropriate antifreeze or coolant specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual to fill the radiator.
To clean a car radiator, you can use a soft brush or compressed air to remove debris from the fins. Be gentle to avoid damaging them. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent overheating.
You can clean a car radiator without removing it by using a radiator cleaning solution designed for this purpose. Follow the product’s instructions and ensure the engine is cold before starting.
Radiator coolant should typically be flushed and replaced every 2 to 5 years, depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps maintain the cooling system’s efficiency and prevents corrosion and overheating issues.
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