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Our auto bodyshop in Abu Dhabi offers all kinds of major and minor repairs at affordable rates. With heavy equipment and expert technicians, we are dealing with factory condition restoration, unibody repairs, and collision repairs. We aim for perfection both in looks and performance.

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Auto Body Shop Services

Accident/Collision Repair 

Our team provides comprehensive solutions to restore vehicles damaged in accidents.

Chassis Repair 

Expert chassis repair services are available to ensure the structural alignment of your vehicle, addressing any damage or misalignment.

Fender Repair 

Fender repair Specialists restore damaged or dented fenders to their original condition.

Undercoating  | Rustproofing

We offer a comprehensive underbody service to protect and maintain the critical components beneath your vehicle, preventing corrosion and damage.

Upholstery Services

Our upholstery services encompass repair and restoration of car interiors, including seats, carpets, and trim, to ensure both comfort and aesthetics.

Car Painting Service

Professional car painting service offering vibrant, durable finishes. Custom color matching. Expert technicians. State-of-the-art equipment. Affordable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed.

PPF – Paint Protection Film

Premium Paint Protection Film service: Invisible shield against scratches, chips. Self-healing technology. Preserves car’s aesthetics. Long-lasting durability. Custom-fit installation. 

Detailing | Polishing | Coating 

Our comprehensive cleaning, polishing and coating services restore your vehicle to a pristine and showroom-worthy condition.

Windscreen Replacement/Repair 

Expert technicians provide windscreen replacement and repair services for damaged or cracked windshields, ensuring your safety on the road.

Scratch Removal

Skilled technicians can professionally remove scratches to restore aesthetics and prevent further damage.

Bumper Repair

We provide expert repairs for damaged or dented bumpers, improving the front and rear ends look.

Paintless Dent Repair | Dent Removal

Our professional technicians remove dents skillfully, leaving your car with a flawless finish. It also includes paintless dent repair with skillful hands.

Classic Cars Restoration

Our restoration services deal with classic and vintage automotive, preserving their historical and aesthetic value.

Peelable Paint

Revolutionary peelable paint service. Easy application and removal. Customizable colors. Protects original paint. Durable finish. Ideal for temporary styling or protection.

Discover more services—enhance and protect your vehicle with us!

Leather Repair & Restoration | Car Tinting | Convertible Roof Repair | Interior Repair | Calipers Painting | Rim Painting Service | Sunroof Repair | Car Wrapping Service | Headlights Restoration | Frame Straightening | Hail Damage Repair | Dashboard Repair | Sand Blasting

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Car Engine Repair
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Car Gearbox & Transmission Repair
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Dent Repair Abu Dhabi
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of auto body services including dent repair, paint jobs, scratch removal, collision repair, and custom body work. Our team is equipped to handle vehicles of all makes and models.


 Yes, we specialize in paint matching. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a perfect match with your vehicle’s original color, maintaining its aesthetics and value.

You can get an estimate by visiting our shop with your vehicle for a physical inspection. Alternatively, you can send us photos of the damage via email or through our website, and we will provide a preliminary estimate.

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