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How to Check Accident History of a Car in UAE

A personal vehicle is a substantial financial investment which makes it crucial to assess its condition thoroughly for any kind of sale and purchase. Understanding the accident history is particularly vital when purchasing or selling a car in the UAE as it offers transparency and assurance regarding the vehicle’s safety and reliability.

How to Check Accident History of a Car in UAE

Disclosing any past damages and repairs during the selling process provides potential buyers with valuable insights, fostering trust and facilitating a confident purchase decision. Verifying the car’s accident background in the UAE is easily achievable through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or chassis number (a unique identifier for each vehicle). This process ensures informed decision-making and helping individuals avoid potential future issues and promoting a transparent and trustworthy automotive marketplace in the region.

Where You Check Car Accident History in UAE

To check the car accident history in Abu Dhabi, individuals can utilize services provided by both government and private entities. Websites such as the Emirates Vehicle Gate, managed by the government, and other private platforms offer accessible tools for users to inquire about a vehicle’s accident background. This dual option ensures that individuals have a comprehensive and reliable means to verify the accident history of cars in Dubai. These platforms contribute to transparency and informed decision-making in the automotive market.

Government Platforms for Checking Vehicle Accident History in UAE

The UAE government has implemented straightforward and accessible procedures for individuals to verify the accident history of vehicles. Here are some government facilities:

Ministry of Interior (MOI) (moi.gov.ae)

When considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, you have the option to review comprehensive accident history details on the MOI website. By entering the specific chassis number of the vehicle, the MOI portal efficiently retrieves and presents relevant information regarding reported accidents. This includes particulars such as the number of accidents, report numbers, and accident locations.

Moreover, the portal offers additional insights, allowing you to check the status of vehicle registration, any traffic law violations, and number reservations. The tool also provides a convenient service for obtaining the vehicle certificate. To access these features, navigate to the ‘Traffic Accident’ menu for the ‘vehicle accident’ history option and the ‘public services’ menu for the ‘vehicle certificate’ inquiry option.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) (evg.ae)

The Emirates Vehicle Gate website facilitates a upfront process for examining your car’s accident history in the UAE. To begin, log in with your credentials and navigate to the ‘Traffic Accidents Management’ tab. Enter the vehicle’s chassis number, and the comprehensive accident history, including details like accident type and location and the results will be promptly displayed.

For those interested in checking the vehicle certificate without logging in, visit the portal’s homepage. Here, you will find the ‘Vehicle Certificate Inquiry’ option. Simply input the vehicle certificate number to access relevant details. Additionally, the portal offers a print option that allows you to generate a hard copy of the certificate for future reference.

To check the car accident history in the UAE on this website, navigate to the official portal and access the public services option. Within the menu, choose ‘vehicle accidents inquiry.’ Once selected, input the vehicle’s chassis number, and the portal will provide comprehensive details regarding the accident history of the car. This user-friendly process ensures individuals can easily obtain crucial information about the past incidents involving the vehicle.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) (www.rta.ae)

In UAE, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) extends a valuable service to potential buyers of used cars, allowing them to access comprehensive vehicle history. This service furnishes detailed insights into aspects such as previous owners, mileage, last inspection records, accident history, and more. It’s essential to note that this service requires the consent of the current owner. Once consent is obtained, individuals can conveniently review the car’s details on the RTA website by inputting the chassis number.

Exploring Private Sector Options for Car Accident History Checks in the UAE

Private companies in the UAE offer specialized services for checking the accident history of cars. When considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, these alternative options complement government portals. By engaging with these private entities, individuals can gain a comprehensive understanding of a car’s accident history, providing an additional layer of information beyond official channels.

CARFAX (www.carfax.com)

CARFAX stands out among private entities as a key repository for comprehensive vehicle history data catering to both buyers and sellers. Leveraging the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), users can swiftly generate a detailed history report from CARFAX’s extensive database. The report is instrumental in shaping purchasing decisions, offering crucial insights into accident records, severity impact, ownership history, emission results, and more.

CARFAX’s reliability extends beyond individual consumers to businesses and service providers who rely on its information for well-informed decision-making. While CARFAX compiles information from diverse sources, it’s important to note that not all accident histories may be available, as certain incidents might go unreported or be directed to sources inaccessible to the company.

CarReport (www.carreport.com)

CarReport is a reliable source offering valuable insights for informed vehicle purchasing decisions. Beyond local vehicles, the platform extends its services to provide comprehensive vehicle histories for imported cars. Drawing data from a wide array of local and global partners, CarReport ensures the compiled information is credible and transparent. To access the detailed vehicle history report, users simply need to input the vehicle identification number (VIN).


Checking the accident history of a car in the UAE is a crucial step for both buyers and sellers to make well-versed decisions. Various avenues provided by entities such as the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG), Dubai Police, and the official websites of Abu Dhabi Police and the Ministry of Interior offer accessible means to inquire about a vehicle’s accident history. Utilizing the vehicle chassis number or VIN, individuals can access accident details to ensure transparency and awareness in the used car market.

Whether through online portals or government services, these resources contribute to the overall safety and trustworthiness of the automotive transactions in the UAE. It is advisable for individuals engaging in the buying or selling of vehicles to leverage these services to ascertain the accident history of the cars involved.

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