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How To Repair Car Alternator?

Alternator Repairs

Have you seen any signs that something is wrong with your car’s electrical system, like dim, flashing lights, or a dead battery? These symptoms could indicate a problem with the alternator, a crucial component located at the front of the engine. It takes a small electrical current from the battery and amplifies it, charging the battery and powering your car’s electronics. This is called electromagnetism.

However, alternators can fail over time, and this can directly or indirectly affect your car mileage. While there are pricier options available, the average price of an alternator is around $235. In many cases, addressing minor issues can save money in the long run. Discover how to find and fix common alternator problems in your car. In addition, learn when to fix it or replace it, and other helpful information about the job.

Signs You Need To Repair Car Alternator

It would help if you decided whether to fix or replace your alternator based on how old it is and how bad the damage is. Here are some suggestions:

  • It might be cheaper to fix your alternator if the problem is small, like a broken diode or a loose belt. In addition, the generator is not too old.
  • It is usually best to get a new or re-manufactured alternator to replace an old one that is badly harmed or stopped working. By changing the alternator, you can get a longer-term fix and peace of mind.

Still, some alternators are hard to find, both new and used. These include alternators for classic cars or specialty vehicles. If parts aren’t available, rebuilding it yourself can help you get back on the road faster.

Several signs point to the fact that you need to repair your car’s alternator. If you’re lucky, you can spot the problem ahead of time and avoid getting stuck on the road. If you see a low voltage reading on the instrument panel, the spark plugs may not be getting enough power from the electrical system. This could cause the engine to run slowly or stutter. 

On newer, computer-controlled cars, a “check engine” light will come on to let you know if there are any problems with the engine, like not enough power. That will help you navigate engine indicators, usually reached through dashboard controls. You can often see the temperature, oil pressure, generator voltage, and oil temperature from the information screen. You don’t need a voltmeter or a scan tool to check it.

Tools Required To Repair Car Alternator

Following are some tools that you will require to repair the car alternator:

  • Wrenches
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Belt tension gauge
  • Screwdrivers
  • Multimeter
  • Gloves and safety glasses
  • Jack and Jack stands

Step By Step Procedure To Repair Car Alternator

The engine fixing process will now be done one step at a time. Please remember that the exact steps may vary depending on your car’s make and type. These are just general steps.

Step1: Disconnect the Battery

To ensure you are safe while working on the electrical system, start by removing the negative terminal of the battery.

Step 2: Find the Alternator

The alternator can be found in the engine area. What it is usually is a part attached to the engine by a belt. The fruit is about the size of a melon.

Step3: Remove the Serpentine Belt

Using a spanner or a socket and ratchet, loosen the serpentine belt and take it off the generator pulley.

Step 4: Separate the Power Connection

Take off any cords or wires attached to the alternator and unplug the electrical plugs. Remember where they were so they can be put back together.

Step 5: Take Out The Alternator

Loosen the alternator nuts and bolts. Be careful as you take the alternator off its support bracket.

Step 6: Check Out The Alternator

Test your battery with a multimeter before replacing or fixing it. You can use this to figure out if the alternator is the problem. Alternatively, it is better to take the battery to AutoZone for a free test that only takes a few minutes.

Step 7: Repair or Change

After checking if the battery is broken, there are two options:

If the problem is small, like a diode that doesn’t work, it can be fixed by changing the broken part. The case will have to be opened, and electrical work will have to be done, which often requires accuracy. If you want to do a full repair, you will need new brushes, bearings, a voltage regulator, diodes, and other parts. A new or rebuilt alternator should be used instead of an old one if it is too damaged to be fixed completely. This is also true if the old one is too old.

Step 8: Reassemble

Put the alternator back on its mounting bracket and secure it with fasteners. Connect all the wires and cords back to where they belong.

Step 9: Put the serpentine belt back on

Put the serpentine belt back on the generator pulley and change the tension.

Step 10: Connect the battery again

Last but not least, you should reconnect the battery’s negative connection.

How To Prevent Alternator Problems?

As with most car issues, preventing a malfunctioning alternator is often more effective than fixing it after it occurs. Regular maintenance and checks of your alternator make it less likely to have problems in the future. The battery in your car is where the alternator gets most of its power, so keep an eye on it. If you notice any problems, like lights flickering or strange sounds, take your car to a professional repair immediately.

The alternator in your car is an important part that keeps it running at its best. It is very important to have a professional mechanic look. That helps you fix a failed alternator if you notice any problems, like lights flickering, strange sounds, or trouble starting. Getting regular maintenance checks and fixing any issues right away can lessen the chances of bigger repair problems. To keep the power going, you must care for your car’s alternator.


The alternator is very important for a car because it changes mechanical energy into electrical energy. For battery charging, the alternator runs on an electrical system, including the lights, radio, thermostat, and AC. If your alternator isn’t working right, you might have problems like a weak battery, dim headlights, and trouble starting your car. If you think your generator isn’t working right, you need to check it out immediately.

If you’re not sure of your skills or worried about any part of the repair process, get help from an expert. A skilled mechanic can quickly and safely figure out what’s wrong with an alternator and fix it. You can always find the right parts at Exotic Auto Services to service and repair your car. This includes alternators and different parts for fixing alternators. Also, we can fix this issue more quickly and efficiently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common signs include dim lights, strange noises, a dead battery, and the battery warning light turning on.

No, a bad alternator won’t charge the battery properly. The car’s battery may die and get stuck. Get it fixed immediately.

It takes some skill, but many people can do it. If you have a minor problem, you can easily fix it yourself. However, if the problem is complex, call Al Zaabi AutoCare for professional services.

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