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For years, we have been the trusted premium BMW repair services in Abu Dhabi, catering to luxury BMW owners. Our experienced BMW repair team excels in servicing various luxury BMW types, upholding high standards, and earning an excellent reputation.

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Premium Services Offered at Exotic BMW Repair Abu Dhabi

We provide affordable and competitive auto services in Abu Dhabi for a variety of BMW brands. Our professional team possesses the knowledge and experience to handle both vehicles and customers with the utmost professionalism. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality automotive facilities; our BMW repair services include

Our Services

Car Repair Workshop

BMW Repair

Car Engine Repair

BMW Engine Repair

Car Gearbox and Transmission Repairs

Transmission Repair

Car Suspension Repair

BMW Suspension Repair

Car AC Repairs

A/C Repair

Oil filter Changes

BMW Oil / Filter Change

Car Programmings

BMW Electrical Repair

Car Programmings

BMW Inspection

Car Battery Replacements

BMW Battery Replacement

Dents Repair Abu Dhabi

BMW Denting & Painting

Cars services

Service Contract

Car Detailings

BMW Polish & Detailing 

Car Wrappings

BMW Wrapping


BMW Interior Modification

Car Modifications Abu Dhabi

BMW Offroad Modification

Tyres Replacement

BMW Tyre Change

Wheel alignments and Balancing

BMW Wheel Alignment 

All Services

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What Makes Us the Best BMW Service Center in Abu Dhabi

Our claim of being the leading BMW repair workshop in Musaffah is demonstrated by concrete proof that firmly establishes our reputation as the best. Our consistent track record of exceptional service, a highly skilled team of professionals, and a loyal clientele are the real evidence supporting our claim.

Trained & Certified Technicians

Our team consists of well-trained and certified technicians, providing you with the assurance that your vehicle is in the capable hands of qualified experts. Their expertise and commitment to excellence guarantee that you receive top-notch service, whether it’s routine maintenance, complex repairs, or any automotive need. With a focus on quality and professionalism, our team ensures that your vehicle is given the best care, keeping it in optimal condition.

Specialization in Various Vehicle Makes and Models

Our specialization encompasses a wide spectrum of vehicle makes and models that demonstrate our versatility and in-depth knowledge in the automotive field. Whether you own a luxury BMW or a light utility vehicle, our expertise extends to meet the unique requirements of each vehicle type.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, our workshop ensures accurate and efficient identification of your vehicle’s issues. These state-of-the-art tools allow our technicians to pinpoint problems, leading to faster and more precise repairs. We invest in cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive solutions for your automotive needs.

Customized Plans

We offer customized BMW maintenance plans tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle. We into account factors like mileage, usage patterns, and manufacturer recommendations. These personalized plans ensure that your BMW receives the care it deserves which promotes optimal performance and longevity.

Advanced Computerized Systems

Exotic Auto Services employs advanced computerized systems for tasks such as wheel alignment, engine tuning, and the precise programming of vehicle electronics. These systems enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our services, ensuring that your BMW receives the utmost attention to detail. With our technological capabilities, we can address a wide range of vehicle issues with precision and expertise.

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Why Choose Exotic Auto Repair Abu Dhabi

  • Friendly Environment
  • Qualified Specialists Technicians
  • Dealer Alternative At Affordable Cost
  • Largest Auto Repair Facility With All BMW Repair Services Under One Roof
  • Specialized In German, American, And European Cars
  • Specialized In Exotic And Luxury Cars
  • Specialized In High-End Japanese Cars
  • Classic Cars Repair & Restoration Specialists
  • Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed
  • Free Pickup & Free Inspection
  • Transparent Estimates
  • Quick & Reliable Service
  • Pay If The Job Requested Is Done

We Offer Complimentary Pick-Up and Delivery!

BMW Models We Service

Frequently Asked Questions

In Abu Dhabi, BMW service costs can vary depending on the type of service (minor or major) and the specific needs of your vehicle.

For straightforward vehicle maintenance, it’s advised to have your BMW checked at Exotic Auto Services following every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers, or every six months, whichever milestone you reach first. This guideline, though, can shift based on the specific type of your vehicle and how you typically use it.

Yes, Exotic Auto Services provides cozy waiting areas for customers, complete with free Wi-Fi, TV, and snacks. But, if your BMW’s service is going to take a long time, they might give you other ways to get around, like a shuttle or a rental BMW.

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